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Grand Trans Siberian Express 2013

rtyJourney of a Lifetime

Experience the legendary Trans Siberian Railway and the Trans Mongolian Railway on board a private charter train. Forget about any hassle of packing and unpacking every day. Your cabin is your “home on wheels” during the entire rail cruise journey.

Our train offers a choice of 6 accommodation categories from Economy to Deluxe as well as restaurants, a bar and a conference area for lectures. Stops for land excursions at the most interesting places along the route are included every day.

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The best way to explore Russia is to cruise by train!

We consider train trips as one of the most challenging and perspective way of traveling the country and that is why alongside with the world famous Trans Siberian railroad the longest and the most beautiful rail trip connecting Europe and Asia we are glad to introduce our unique train route "Russian Northern Express" which covers very interesting places closed for the foreign clients for many years.

Discover beautiful nature and landscapes of Russia traveling by train from the heart of the country beyond the Urals, Siberia and Russian Far East or to its Polar Circle with the fastest and most comfortable trains.

Train travel between cities is definitely one of the best experiences you can have while visiting Russia. Using ground transportation to cover the vast distances between cities makes obvious the reality of being somewhere so different from home. Romantic and un-Western, train travel will give you glimpses of rural countryside as you sip tea made from the samovar. You can watch untouched terrain slip by and not see any signs of humanity for hours. The rhythm from the tracks is comforting as you play cards with your traveling companions or read a book. Train travel is great because you are immersed in Russian culture . . . without having to extend any extra effort.

Many people prefer to travel by train, which is not surprising since the train system is quite well developed, comfortable, and can be much less expensive than flying. Railroad is not only a great way that connects central Russia and Pacific shores, and a way to Asia, one of the most important roads to Far East countries like China and Mongolia. Besides, Russian Railroad will easily bring you from the center of the country to its Polar Circle area. Overnight trains with cover 300-400 km distances while you are enjoying your sleep on a comfortable train and next morning when you open your eyes you will find yourself far from the place you have been yesterday without even noticing that.

The railway trip is the safest way of traveling because you are not depending upon weather conditions in the air or on the sea.

For those interested in experiencing everyday Russian culture, a train trip is a not-to-be-missed adventure!

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